Heavy Skipping Jump Rope Fitness Weighted Battle Rope

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Heavy Skipping Jump Rope Fitness Weighted Battle Rope



About this item

  • 1.5-inch exercise rope for strength training—works for hands, arms, shoulders, back, abs, core, and legs
  • 3-strand-thick design made of the durable polyester blend; high tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming to lose
  • Can be used for undulation, pulling, or climbing exercises, alone or as part of a team
  • Rolls up for take-anywhere portability and compact storage
  • Measures 344*1.5 inches long; 



  • Cross-training workouts are key for any competitive athlete. Combat (battle) ropes are extremely effective for a high intensity, full-body, work out whether you are a fighter or just looking to get in better shape


  • UNLOCK YOUR INNER CARDIO BEAST WITH WEIGHTED ROPE: Annihilate calories as you push your body to its optimal state with our premium fitness rope. Tone your shoulders, get ripped arms, defined legs, killer abs. This Battle Rope is your secret weapon to unmatched physical glory. Expect high intensity matched by the low impact. Perfect for use as a Crossfit Rope or HIIT Battle Rope


  • AMAZING FAST RESULTS: Let’s be real - if you’re looking at our Battle Rope it’s because you’re over the gym rat lifestyle and want a power rope to take you to the next stage. You’re looking to work out the way the top athletics around the world do. We’re talking about an Olympic experience. Maximize your strength training and advance your cardiovascular endurance with our new conditioning rope.


  • CONQUER HIIT BATTLE ROPE WORKOUTS: Battle Rope ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training- Up your cardio game and upper body routines- See your body transform incorporating rope fitness into your HIIT program- Incredible results fast.


  • ANTI-CHAFE TECHNOLOGY: The chafe guard mechanics allow you to work out hard, without worrying about wrecking your hands in the process, and easy-to-grip rope ends make our jump rope comfortable, so hand cramps are a thing of the past! The non-slip handles make it easy to keep a grip on our workout rope for home, impervious to sweat so you can work out to your full potential.

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Benefits of Jumping Rope for Home Workout

1) Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries

2) Improves Bone Density

3) Improves Cardiovascular Health

4) Improved Breathing Efficiency

5) Improves Your Ability to Stay Calm

6) Improves Coordination

7) Completely Portable and Fun


Read More - 7  Important Benefits of Jumping Rope

Department Name: unisex
Origin: USA(Origin)
Model Number: Jump Ropes
Type: Single Skip Rope
Material: Other
Length: 2.8 m (Personal)
Function: Body


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